increase your RAM speed

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here i am going to tell u a way how to increase your RAM didn't mean that it'll show the RAM speed is increased in computer specification tab.Actuely i am going to tel u the ways how to use your RAM efficently to minimize the chances of hang on

1-start any large application, say iexplorer with multiple tabs

2-press ALT+ctrl+del to open task manager and click the tab processes

3-you'll see iexplore.exe some where on the top, by arranging processes in descending order, using much MBs of memory.

4-Now switch to iexplorer and simply minimize it.

5-Now go back to Task manager you'll not find iexplore.exe on the top scroll the side bar down you'll see it somewhere now chek the amount of RAM it is using you'll b surprised it is using much less than before.

6-simply minimize all application which you are not currently using or set priority low by right clicking.

In multitasking system minimizing any application means it'll not utilize much memory of user right now thus the OS makes the application to use virtual memory.


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