Creating an Invisible Folder Window XP

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Everyone who uses computer and internet have some personal data.We dont want to share this data to others thats why we search for different ways to keep it secret.

Here i m going to teach you a trick that is 'How to create an invisible Folder in window XP'

i'll teach you step by step

1-first of all go there where you want to create

"Right click>>New>>New folder"

2-Right click on New folder and select


3- press 'Alt' and type '0160' or '255'

By doing this u'll see folder is saved without name

4-Go to folder properties

"Properties>>customize>>change icon

5-select an invisible icon

6-At end Hide the folder

Now your folder is totaly invisible to everyone.Hope it'll be useful for you

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